California Stem Cell Cancer Researchers Scheduled to Present at Upcoming Immunology Conferences

California Stem Cell Cancer Researchers Scheduled to Present at Upcoming Immunology Conferences

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California Stem Cell, Inc. (CSC)’s Andrew Cornforth, Ph.D. and Robert Dillman, M.D. are scheduled to speak at two prominent immunology conferences this week. The pair will convene with international scientists and clinicians to share additional details and positive phase II results from CSC’s patient-specific cancer immunotherapy.

Dr. Cornforth will begin the week by delivering the opening address at OMICS International Conference on Clinical & Cellular Immunology on Monday October 22. The conference will host industry and academic scientists, entrepreneurs, and scholars from around the world to discuss innovative strategies for the development of immune response On day two, Dr. Cornforth will deliver a presentation highlighting the novel use of autologous cancer stem cells combined with dendritic cells in CSC’s own cancer immunotherapy.

On Friday October 26 Dr Dillman and Dr Cornforth will participate in the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer Annual Meeting in Bethesda, MD. Dr Dillman’s presentation, Randomized trial of two active-specific immunotherapy products derived from autologous, proliferating, self-renewing tumor cells in patients with metastatic melanoma will also highlight the autologous cell therapy currently in development at CSC.

Additional information on CSC’s patient-specific cancer cell therapy is available at

California Stem Cell Inc. (CSC) is an Irvine, CA-based company with proprietary methods to generate human stem cell lines, expand them to clinically and commercially useful numbers, and differentiate them at extremely high purity using fully-defined, proprietary media and GMP processes. CSC is able to supply its human cell populations to companies and institutions worldwide for use in the development of therapies, efficacy screening or the creation of toxicity profiles for candidate drugs, and experimental research tools.

CSC is currently focused on the development of stem cell-based therapies for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease), and metastatic cancers.

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