Bust proves a boon for savvy biotech scavengers

Last year proved a turbulent time for the biotech industry, with a host of developers going out of business or being bought up by bigger players. But the upheaval has proven to be a boon for start-ups looking for cheap equipment.

Ginkgo Bioworks tells the Boston Globe that it's been able to scoop up lab equipment at a 90 percent discount. "It was just incredible--you'd go pay your respects to the people, say, 'Hey, how are you doing; what are you doing next?''' MIT's Nate Tedford told the newspaper. Then came the scavengers looking for cheap equipment. "It was like a total yard sale.''

Cambridge Scientific, a reseller, says that these days you can build two labs for the price of one. And there's no sign that the business is slowing down.

- here's the article from the Boston Globe