Bridge Pharma sees growth in China drug studies

With none of the obstacles that have grown up to confront preclinical studies in Europe and the U.S., Bridge Pharmaceuticals says that China is poised to become a leader in animal studies. Bridge was formed in 2004 from the Stanford Research Institute's work in life sciences. CEO Glenn Rice now divides his time between Beijing and San Francisco. Big pharma companies like Novartis and Roche are setting up major research centers in China, but Rice says the bulk of the growth for Bridge will come from mid-size companies looking to save money by outsourcing preclinical studies. Already a leader in supplying lab monkeys and dogs, Rice is also quick to point out that animal rights activists aren't a factor in China, where the government maintains strict controls over public protests of any kind. Bridge Pharmaceuticals expects to gain U.S. regulatory approval for its facilities by the end of this year.

- read the article on Bridge from The International Herald Tribune

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