BMS touts upbeat hep C data from PhI; FDA approves Novartis' Zortress;

 @FierceBiotech:  Decree spells out $175M fine, new penalties for Genzyme. Article | Follow @FierceBiotech 

 @JohnCFierce: AstraZeneca giving $25M to program which will offer grants to groups fighting cardio disease. Story | Follow @JohnCFierce

> Bristol-Myers Squibb has produced promising new data from a Phase I trial of its experimental therapy for hepatitis C. The therapy blocks the NS5A protein, which is seen as a possible new target in the hunt for hepatitis C drugs. "This will provide a unique resistance profile," said BMS' Nicholas Meanwell. Report

> Novartis has won FDA approval of Zortress, its drug to prevent organ rejection. The therapy has already been approved in 70 other countries to prevent kidney transplant rejections. Story

> Amgen, the biggest biotech on the planet, reported a 15 percent increase in profits during the first quarter, but most analysts shrugged off past performance as they stayed focused on upcoming data releases on the closely watched bone loss drug denosumab. Story

> Biotie announced today that it maintains global development and commercialization rights to BTT-1023 (ex-Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia), following Roche's decision not to exercise its opt-in right for "strategic portfolio reasons." Release

> Therapeutic Proteins will relocate from Deerfield, IL, to Chicago, bringing 40 jobs with it. The company makes raw ingredients for biosimilar products. Story

> Clovis Oncology, a partner in the development and commercialization of Clavis Pharma drug candidate CP-4126, and Ventana Medical Systems have entered into a collaboration agreement to develop a companion diagnostic to CP-4126 (also known as CO-101). Release

> Veterinary ophthalmology researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have used gene therapy to restore retinal cone function and day vision in two canine models of congenital achromatopsia, also called rod monochromacy or total color blindness. Report

And Finally... Swine flu outbreak: One year later. Report