Biotica Regains Worldwide Rights to Its Rapamycin Analogue Program

CAMBRIDGE, England, Aug 03, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Biotica Technology Ltd. (Cambridge, UK) today announced that it has regained full rights from Pfizer Inc. PFE -2.11% to its rapamycin analogue program, including transfer of data and materials. Biotica's rapamycin analogue program, partnered in 2006 with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Pfizer in October 2009), includes clinical candidates for the treatment of neuro-inflammatory and other diseases.

"Our compounds are supported by a strong data package generated by Pfizer, and show evidence of meaningful differentiation in diseases with significant unmet need," commented Dr. Edward Hodgkin, Chief Executive Officer of Biotica.

Since the original Research and License Agreement in 2006, Pfizer has explored the potential of these compounds in several diseases, and in particular has extensively profiled candidate drugs in multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus. Biotica intends to continue development in these indications.

"Pfizer enjoyed a productive collaboration with Biotica," said Dr. Mary Collins, Chief Scientific Officer, Immunology and Autoimmunity Research Unit, Pfizer. "The decision to return this program to Biotica was made as part of Pfizer's portfolio review process. We wish Biotica success as it moves its analogue program forward."

Having consolidated its leading position in polyketide engineering after acquisition of IP from Bristol-Myers Squibb in 2009, Biotica is advancing a strong pipeline of engineered polyketides including its best-in-class anti-viral cyclophilin inhibitors and the rapamycin analogue program.

About Biotica

Biotica is a privately-held biotechnology company that discovers and develops polyketide therapeutics. It has a growing pipeline of novel therapeutic programmes supported by clinical validation. These include nPT-mTOR (unique mTOR inhibitors partnered with Pfizer), nPT-CyP (cyclophilin inhibitors for HCV) and nPT-ery (anti-inflammatory erythromycin analogues partnered with GlaxoSmithKline). All of Biotica's projects employ its proprietary novoPT(TM) technology, which enables it to select from the many known polyketides with biological activity and make a range of derivatives that are either difficult or impossible to make by medicinal chemistry methods. For additional information visit .