Biotech's Biggest R&D Spenders 2010

Big Pharma is a global business, with a host of players scattered throughout Europe, the U.S. and Asia. But Big Biotech was born and bred in the U.S. And despite considerable international diversification, the industry still has made-in-the-USA stamped into its DNA.

FierceBiotech analyzed the EU's newly released Industrial R&D Investment Scorecard and came up with the top 15 biotech R&D budgets from around the world, with some additional insights into the companies' discovery strategies. Look over the top 15 global biotechs and you'll find 11 that call the U.S. home. The top five are all American. After skipping past a Japanese and Australian company, the first European biotech pops up in 11th place.

Unlike last week's top 15 pharma R&D budgets, you'll find that the numbers get much, much smaller when you turn your gaze to biotech. Several may wind up buying a company or two, but you won't find the kind of mega-M&A frenzy that is completely reshaping the pharma research landscape.

The companies you'll find here, rather, may find themselves on the menu of Big Pharma companies over the coming year. Some already are. Roche's acquisition of Genentech underscored that trend. And Sanofi's slow-motion hostile move on Genzyme drives the message home unmistakably. And it's a hunger to acquire what they've achieved with their R&D budgets that's driving it. Biotech's Biggest Spenders >>