Biosciences Firm Goes Live With CloudCraze Framework for eCommerce

Biosciences Firm Goes Live With CloudCraze Framework for eCommerce
LI-COR and EDL Consulting make global orders of biotechnology and environmental research solutions available 'in the Cloud'
CHICAGO and LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- EDL Consulting, a leading technology services firm today announced that LI-COR Bioscience's biotech reagents and consumables and environmental products are now available online in the Cloud via EDL's CloudCraze eCommerce application.

Using the cloud computing development platform, CloudCraze offers an efficient way to manage the LI-COR eCommerce site for academic, commercial, and pharmaceutical research teams looking for novel ways to advance the discovery process. CloudCraze is the first eCommerce application to be listed on the AppExchange.

"We simply could not accomplish our business goals with our old site, and it would have taken years to scale up. We launched two new storefronts, in about nine weeks, each custom-tailored to different target markets," said Sean Harrison, LI-COR eCommerce project manager. "Because we have an existing CRM system, the integration of our eCommerce data was seamless. We can now use real-time metrics to guide our future business planning," Harrison noted.

"CloudCraze is the culmination of 10 years of our experience building eCommerce solutions for enterprise clients. We've now extended that experience into the Cloud," says EDL Consulting CEO, Bill Loumpouridis. "With CloudCraze, Cloud-based business transactions are now a natural extension of core enterprise applications," said Loumpouridis.

"In addition, LI-COR's use of CloudCraze in the biotech vertical further legitimizes the use of the platform for enterprises in other industries with complex, sophisticated product portfolios," said Loumpouridis.

About CloudCraze

Developed by EDL Consulting, CloudCraze significantly reduces the time and expense of eCommerce application development by taking it from an on-premise model to a Cloud computing model. A partner of, EDL Consulting offers eCommerce best practices on the platform. EDL is specializes in the integration of CRM, eCommerce and business intelligence solutions to improve business performance. See

About LI-COR Biosciences

LI-COR Biosciences is a leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of integrated instrument systems for plant biology, environmental research, biotechnology, and drug discovery. Founded in 1971, the privately held company is based in Lincoln, Nebraska with subsidiaries in Germany and the United Kingdom. LI-COR systems are used in over 100 countries and are supported by a global network of offices and distributors. For further information see: or the eCommerce site: