Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Study Finds Industry Growth Over the Past Two Years and Expects to Continue Its Growth

Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Study Finds Industry Growth Over the Past Two Years and Expects to Continue Its Growth Trajectory

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The demand for biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing services is expected to grow at 16% annually over the next 5 years as biopharmaceutical business models shift toward more outsourcing of production requirements, as well as some large pharmaceutical companies choosing not to expand their internal capacities. Industry expression yields have improved significantly, and new technologies such as better expression systems, more efficient cell lines and improved media present new opportunities to improve productivity further.

The ninth industry study published by HighTech Business Decisions "Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing 2009: Expanding Markets, New Capacities and Improved Performance" reports that current contractor capacity utilization is slightly lower than 2006 levels. This temporary decline in utilization results from a combination of previous investment in capacity, improved expression yields, and slow down in biotechnology investments because of the current financial markets. Over the next few years, demand is expected to grow as new biopharmaceuticals move through the clinical pipeline and become commercial products.

William Downey, president of HighTech Business Decisions, explains, "We extensively interviewed 48 biomanufacturing and outsourcing directors of biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide, and 29 biopharmaceutical contract manufacturers ("CMOs"). There is general consensus that the CMO industry as a whole will remain strong and grow, but the industry will undergo consolidations."

The market for biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing is estimated to be US$2.6B in 2009, and long-term growth prospects remain strong through 2014. This 900-page report with 290 summary data tables and charts provide in-depth analysis of the dynamic factors impacting the industry, including new equipment and disposable technologies, improved expression levels, increasing competitiveness, changing outsourcing strategies, capacity forecasts, changes in outsourcing spending and margins, and biomanufacturing in low-cost regions.

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