Biomatters Appoints NGS Leader Karin Fredrikson to Support US Customer Demand for Geneious Software

Biomatters Appoints NGS Leader Karin Fredrikson to Support US Customer Demand for Geneious Software

February 24, 2012

AUCKLAND, New Zealand--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Global genomics software company Biomatters, the creators of Geneious, have appointed Karin Fredrikson to lead their New Jersey and San Francisco operations. Karin is experienced in next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies and will take on the role of Vice President for US Operations in response to Biomatters' rapid international growth.

"I am excited about the vision and energy of the company," says Karin. "As the throughput of the NGS instruments has expanded, it has shifted the burden from sequence generation to sequence analysis. Biomatters is well positioned to enable individual PIs to work on the level of genome centers given the proliferation of bench-top NGS systems."

Biomatters' Chairman Greg Casagrande says "The US market presents an enormous opportunity for us to deepen relationships with key customers and industry partners. Biomatters is delighted to have Karin and her expertise in the genomic industry on board."

Karin is highly respected and well-connected throughout both the academic and commercial sectors. "My career to date has been focused on genomics, bioinformatics and nucleic acids applications. The challenge of NGS today is the bottleneck of interpretation and transforming data into something useful so researchers can make informed decisions. Geneious applies visualization to data in a way that was sorely lacking."

Karin has opened markets and new applications across Europe as well as North America for a range of genetic technologies and scientific areas. As Director of Business Development for 454 Sequencing, a Roche Company, she developed the market by working with key opinion leaders and by developing strategic relationships with other commercial providers and institutions, including high impact collaborations with:

    National Cancer Institute researchers investigating GWAS & exome NGS studies in colon & prostate cancers.

  The FDA Sequencing Quality Control international study group.

  San Diego State University professors forging a new undergraduate science curriculum linking NGS wet lab and bioinformatics courses; part of an international project investigating the health of California sea lions and their environment.

Biomatters' Managing Director Brett Ammundsen says the addition of Karin to the company's global management team comes at an important time, as Biomatters prepares to deliver its next phase of product development for the interpretation of NGS data. "The challenge in genomics right now is the sheer volume of data coming off NGS machines. Biomatters is committed to ensuring our customers are able to mine the full potential of this new wave of data, rather than becoming overwhelmed by it."

Karin has already represented Biomatters at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) meeting and will begin her work in the US from Monday 5 March.

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