Biogen Idec sale could have big impact in Boston

With Biogen Idec on the market, reporters are delving into the possibilities for the company and the potential fallout in the Boston biotech cluster that the company calls home. In one scenario, Cambridge, MA-based Biogen Idec and its big research operations are gobbled up whole by a Big Pharma company, with the region losing one of its oldest and biggest marquee names. But the biotech boosters in Beantown prefer to look on the sunny side of things, speculating about a deal that could enhance local work on biologics. Right now, biotech companies in general are fetching a premium as pharma buys in to the next generation of therapies.

Biogen Idec's quarterly profit, meanwhile, slid 24 percent on a charge related to the consolidation of Cardiokine.

- read the report from The Boston Globe
here's a report from the Wall Street Journal on Biogen Idec's numbers

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