BioData Acquires LabLife, Empowering Life Scientists With Advanced Web-Based Research Management Service

BioData Acquires LabLife in Strategic Move to Become One of the World's Leading Providers of Research and Lab Management Software

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2011) - BioData Ltd. announced today that it has acquired all the assets of LabLife Software Inc., furthering its strategy to become the leading research and lab management software and service provider. The acquisition follows an investment in BioData by Digital Science in December 2010. Digital Science is a division of Macmillan Publishers Ltd, owners of Nature Publishing Group.

BioData provides a flexible and affordable laboratory and research management service for scientists, principal investigators and lab managers. BioData's service is an innovative web-based application that enables both small and large research groups to stay organized without relying on expensive, rigid enterprise software systems.

With the purpose of offering scientists a web-based tool to organize and coordinate lab management, LabLife was founded by Melina Fan, Benjie Chen & Kenneth Fan. LabLife's founding team also started Addgene, a non-profit organization dedicated to making it easier for scientists to share plasmids. Currently thousands of scientists worldwide use LabLife in their everyday lab work.

"We're excited that the vision of LabLife will continue on and grow as a service through BioData, an organization founded and run by scientists who are committed to making it easier for scientists to conduct research," said Kenneth Fan, one of LabLife's co-founders.

"BioData is excited to welcome LabLife users to the BioData family and is committed to continuing to provide dedicated service to LabLife customers as well as to its current users. Our aim is to become the leading lab gateway for researchers, enabling the scientists to do more science and focus less on the logistics of doing science. BioData enables better teamwork and easier monitoring of experiments. We will continue to be attentive to our customer needs and develop our products accordingly," said Jonathan Gross, Co-CEO & Founder of BioData.

BioData provides the only comprehensive lab management solution, saving researchers valuable time and money by allowing them to monitor materials, projects, and experiments easily. An essential part of providing a sustainable, high quality resource for life scientists requires a solid business plan which ensures that the resource will be available for the long term. BioData's history of success and growth, along with strong support from Macmillan, which oversees Digital Science and sister company Nature Publishing Group, guarantees customers that their data will be available through continually maintained and developed software. LabLife users will be welcomed, supported, and participate as Biodata leads researchers towards a new digital age of scientific research.

About BioData
BioData was founded in August 2007 by Jonathan Gross, who used his experience working in biotechnology research labs and degree in computer science as a basis for developing software to simplify laboratory tasks. BioKM, BioData's innovative online software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool for research management incorporates leading technology that combines the ability to simplify research logistics together with powerful knowledge management tailored to life science research. BioKM enables researchers to easily manage their research, and coordinate group and individual projects. Furthermore, it ensures research continuity, understands the relation between different research entities, tracks research materials, documents, biological collections and much more. BioData is a community-driven company that has continuously worked with Principal Investigators and their students to better understand their needs and to improve its service.