BIO goes viral in new biotech campaign

Anyone reading FierceBiotech already knows about the Biotechnology Industry Organization. As the industry's leading lobbyist and legislative dealmaker, BIO's earnest assertions about productivity, patents and the future of drug development are hammered home to its target audience every day of the week. But there are millions of Americans who live their lives out in utter ignorance of BIO and biotechnology in general. And the industry group has started using some, well, rad methods to gain their attention.

One of the newest tactics is an online site called, which hopes to capitalize on the success of the sci-fi box office hit with some news and views regarding biotech in the real world. And it's aimed at a whole new audience. "Like District 9, the reality of biotechnology is dramatic and intense, and the discoveries revolutionary: curing debilitating diseases, improving agricultural yields, and finding better ways to fuel our world," the site announces in a breathless tone.

"From a communications perspective, part of our strategy is to make sure people have facts," BIO's Jeff Joseph tells PR Week. And BIO plans to use Twitter and other social media to get its point across. We suggest they sign off using an old Vulcan saying: Live long and prosper!

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