Bill Gates' take on drugmakers; Sinovac gets positive Ph2 on weapon against hand, foot and mouth disease;

 @FierceBiotech: Sanofi drug REGN727 packs anti-cholesterol punch in Ph2 trials. News | Follow @FierceBiotech

 @JohnCFierce: Merck gets two CRLs, from FDA, buries them in a 62-page filing. Somebody didn't get the memo on transparency. Report | Follow @JohnCFierce

 @MaureenFierce: Cervical cancer vaccines may cut need for cancer screenings. Item | Follow @MaureenFierce

> Sinovac Biotech ($SVA) has provided some positive Phase II data on its experimental vaccine for the viral cause of hand, foot and mouth disease. Release

> With a host of experimental drugs in the works for pulmonary fibrosis, the market for treatments against the lung-damaging disease is expected to shoot up to $4.6 billion in 2020. Item

> Aduro BioTech has reported some good news concerning the validity of its patent on its technology for its vaccine strains. Announcement

Pharma News

 @FiercePharma: Pfizer has big plans for Prevenar in China: It's aiming to penetrate rural areas as the vax market grows. News | Follow @FiercePharma 

> AZ's Faslodex loses out in NICE appraisal. Article

> FDA: TriLipix may not cut patients' heart risks. Report

> Pharma group protests European pricing pain. News

> Justice subpoenas Merck on drug marketing. Article

> To pump up Prevenar, Pfizer looks to rural China. Story

Vaccines News

> Nabi explores options after NicVAX flunks trial. News

> Researchers find two potential lupus vax treatments. Item

> Gates backs microneedle polio vaccine work. Article

> PANVAC for breast, ovarian cancer shows early promise. Report

> Study: Cervarix could cut need for cancer screenings. News

Manufacturing News

> Chinese pharma exec gets suspended death sentence. Story

> Genentech, INIS demonstrate art of FDA response. Report

> International Isotopes gets FDA warning. Article

> OxyContin abuse overshadows formulation fix. News

> Manufacturing embraces IT as some drugmakers minimize R&D focus. Article

> KV crows over Makena purity as FDA checks claim. Story

And Finally... Hear what Microsoft Chairman and philanthropist Bill Gates thinks about drug companies as his foundation combats infectious disease in the developing world. Post