Bilcare Technologies launches nonClonableTM patient safety system in the US to prevent counterfeit drugs and enhance patient com

Bilcare Technologies launches nonClonableTM patient safety system in the US to prevent counterfeit drugs and enhance patient compliance

24th February 2010, Miami, Florida: To protect against the increasing threat of counterfeiting, Bilcare Technologies announced today that it has launched its innovative nonClonableTM patient safety system in the US market.  Taking a holistic approach to ensure the authenticity of medicines and help patients comply with medical prescriptions, the nonClonableTM system secures the supply chain and provides validation to various stakeholders including the patient.

Bilcare Technologies unveiled nonClonableTM to the US market at the Fifth Global Forum on Pharmaceutical Anti-counterfeiting taking place in Miami, Florida.  The subject of the conference ‘End-to-End Protection - from API to Patient' emphasizes a key problem faced by the worldwide pharmaceutical industry that has grown in complexity and extent over the last decade.  Bilcare's nonClonableTM provides a comprehensive solution to help address these issues.

"Counterfeit drug sales will reach US$75 billion globally in 2010, an increase of more than 90% from 2005 as indicated by The US based Centre for Medicines in the Public Interest and the World Health Organization.  Bilcare's unique nonClonableTM  fingerprint technology can be easily incorporated into packaged medical products at both the primary and secondary level so as to make the medicines extremely secure", said Dr Satya Sharma, Chief Mentor, Bilcare Technologies and Executive Director of the Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT).  He furthered: "The technology innovatively exploits the intrinsic nature of micro and nano-structured composites to give items complex and unique ‘fingerprints' on an item level.  By making use of proprietary readers and a brand authentication system (BATS), not only is patent safety enhanced, but real-time data delivery can save stakeholders time and money."

The design of the system is flexible enough to comply with future legislation such as- pharmaceutical e-pedigree requirements which are expected to be enforced in the coming years in US.  Therefore, brands can invest in this new technology today in order to reap benefits at the earliest, while knowing they will be in a position to meet future legislative requirements with only modest upgrades and fine tuning.

Furthermore, the powerful functional architecture can also enhance patient compliance, both in clinical trials and in long-term medical provision.  End users can be equipped with readers that not only authenticate the medication, but interface with Clinical Trial Supplies Management software, Patient Report Outcomes (PRO) Management systems, electronic Patient Diaries (eDiary), Adverse Event (AE) Real-time Reporting systems, etc. The role-based system can be configured to "trigger" both email and cell phone reminders in accordance with customized patient therapy protocols. In all cases, Bilcare Technologies provides customised dashboards and reporting tools for the various stakeholders.

About Bilcare nonClonableTM :
Bilcare's nonClonableTM is a state-of-the-art solution for anti-counterfeiting, security and brand protection.  Comprising materials-based fingerprints that confer unique and complex identities to products or physical credentials at the item level, the technology makes it prohibitively difficult to make a replica; so much so that we ourselves are unable to do so.  These ‘fingerprints' can be applied as tamper-evident labels or embedded into objects as tags, with the individual patterns of each stored in a central database at the time of manufacturing.  Applied to items such as pharmaceutical products, spare parts, fashion items, identity documents, payment cards, etc, protects them from counterfeits and forgery.  A nonClonableTM reader is used to authenticate in the field, connecting back to the central database via a personal computer, laptop or mobile phone.  In doing so, real time information can be relayed to the user relating to authenticity, batch recalls, warranty information, etc whilst the database is updated centrally with appropriate information about sales location, customer registration details and stock levels.  Based around a modular architecture, nonClonableTM can be used to enhance customer safety, improve supply chain efficiency, reduce inventory levels and improve customer relationship management depending on the nuances of the industry sector and the brand owners goals.

About Bilcare Technologies :
Bilcare Technologies is the research and technology division of Bilcare, focused on creating next-generation anti-counterfeiting, security and brand protection solutions for a broad range of industry sectors.  Headquartered in Pune, India, Bilcare Technologies has manufacturing facilities in Singapore and India and application support centres in the UK, Italy and US.  It also leverages on the global network of the Bilcare group to provide sales, marketing and implementation support throughout the world.  Bilcare Technologies combines its innovative approach with in-depth business knowledge in brand protection and supply chain integrity to offer solutions tailored to varying client requirements.  Bilcare is firmly committed to helping its clients accomplish their business goals whilst protecting their brands against counterfeiting.