BDC readies $135M in biotech venture cash; GSK inks $196M deal on anthrax treatment;

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> The Business Development Bank of Canada has reserved $135 million in venture cash for biotechs, devices and new tech companies in the healthcare arena. Report

> Under a new contract GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK) has agreed to supply the U.S. government $196 million worth of their anthrax treatment raxibacumab. Story

> Durata Therapeutic has moved into newly renovated offices. Story

> Sangamo Biosciences has priced an offering at $10.58 a share. Release

Medical Device News

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> Roche links with Boehringer Ingelheim in companion Dx deal. Story

> GE-commissioned survey blasts neurological disease Dx delays. Item

> Edwards hit with shareholder suit over 'misleading' Sapien claims. Article

> Nanosphere snags $30.2M in stock sale. Report

Pharma News

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> Roche chief tamps down talk of $13.5B BioMarin buyout. Story

> Sanofi CEO: Thanks to Genzyme, investors take us seriously. Report

Vaccines News

> Study links delayed vaccines to increased risk of whooping cough. More

> Unvaccinated clusters bear brunt of bad year for measles in U.S. Story

> Brain cancer vaccine data gives Agenus' stock a boost. Article

> India gives 114 kids the wrong vaccine in polio mix-up. News

> NIH trialing Sanofi H7N9 vaccine with GSK, Novartis adjuvants. Report

> Visterra advances universal flu antibody to cusp of Phase I. Item

Pharma Manufacturing News

@EricPFierce: Bad luck for this Shamrock. FDA clobbers it with a consent decree and permanent injunction. More | Follow @EricPFierce

> Hikma, partner to build $20M plant in Ethiopia. Story

> FDA uncovers big foul-ups at Ranbaxy plant. Article

> Aesica invests $48M in U.K. plant to make diabetes drugs. News

> MIT works on process to manufacture biologics in 24 hours. Item

And Finally... A parasite found in cat feces has been found to have brain-altering properties. More