BayBio touts local biotech industry

BayBio, northern California's life sciences trade association, has released a study detailing the area's contributions the drug research field. Northern California currently houses one-third of the U.S. life sciences industry. The 1,377 life science companies and 90,000 employees currently market 408 drugs and technologies, and have 492 products in Phase II and Phase III clinical trials. Another fun fact? Every 10 to 14 days another new biotech springs up.

However, BayBio will still need to fight to keep its edge. "[W]e still face many hurdles, and complacency among policymakers is dangerous. In order to ensure success, we need action," notes BayBio President Matt Gardner. The trade group calls for legislatures to take several steps, including increasing the NIH and National Science Foundation budgets, investing in the FDA and patent office, and reforming patent legislation.

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