AZ opens its R&D cupboards to Galderma in dermatology pact

AstraZeneca is delivering on its promise to partner more on drug development. In a new deal announced this morning, Switzerland's Galderma is gaining exclusive access to a slate of AZ's R&D programs to develop for dermatological conditions.  

Galderma was given access to a full slate of AZ drugs now in development for such disease areas as oncology, inflammation and the central nervous system. Researchers will now use translational science to see if they can be adapted for dermatology. But the two companies are keeping the financial terms of their deal under wraps.

"This partnership is an example of how we are leveraging our science in new and creative ways through collaborations with recognized experts outside of AstraZeneca's core therapy areas," said Clive Morris, head of new opportunities innovative medicines unit at AstraZeneca. "Partnering with Galderma, a world-leader in dermatology, is the most efficient and effective way to unlock the potential of our compounds in this rapidly evolving disease area."

Galderma has been a busy dealmaker in the dermatology arena. Three years ago it acquired CollaGenex in a $420 million deal.

- here's the Galderma release