Asuragen to Present at Upcoming Association for Molecular Pathology 16th Annual Meeting

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Asuragen, Inc., a leader in molecular diagnostic technologies, announced today that it will present at the upcoming Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) 16th Annual Meeting, November 17-20, 2010 in San Jose, CA. Asuragen will have a significant scientific presence at the conference with a podium talk and ten posters highlighting Asuragen’s development efforts in the areas of oncology, genetic testing, microRNA and laboratory standards.

Elizabeth Mambo, Ph.D. of Asuragen will deliver a platform presentation titled, “Serum miRNA Biomarkers for Lung Cancer Diagnostics” on Friday, November 19th. Early detection of lung cancer can play a significant role in the improvement of patient prognosis in lung cancer. Dr. Mambo will present data describing microRNA (miRNA) expression signatures to distinguish lung cancer from benign lung conditions.

In addition to Dr. Mambo’s talk, the following poster presentations will be made during the conference by Asuragen and its collaborators:

  • “Analytical Methods for the Standardization of Quantitative BCR-ABL1 Testing Results” (Abstract No. H07). This poster will describe Armored RNA® calibrators and controls that are precisely quantified and anchored to a NIST standard and combined with a quantitative multiplex assay manufactured under cGMP and tied to the International Scale to enable the standardization of quantitative BCR-ABL1 testing when used in conjunction with the Asuragen BCR/ABL1 Quant™ (RUO*) assay.
  • “KRAS Mutation Detection: Comparison of a PCR-based TaqMan® Assay and the Asuragen Signature® Mutations Assay” (Mary Schwab, Dartmouth, Abstract No.ST21). Data will be presented comparing use of the Signature® KRAS Mutations (RUO*) Assay for the detection of seven common KRAS mutations in FFPE or FNA specimens from multiple cancer types to a laboratory-developed test based on real-time TaqMan® technology.
  • “An Evaluation of the Signature® KRAS/BRAF Mutations (RUO*) Assay and Comparison to a Validated In-House PCR-Based Reverse Dot Blot Method” (Shareef Nahas, UCLA, Abstract No. ST55). Data on the evaluation of the Signature® KRAS/BRAF Mutations (RUO*) assay for the simultaneous detection of 12 KRAS mutations in codon 12/13 and BRAF V600E in colorectal cancer FFPE specimens, is compared to the findings with a laboratory-developed test based on PCR and strip hybridization.
  • “Signature® Technology Platform* for the Rapid Multiplex Detection of Mutations in Solid Tumor Specimens” (Abstract No. ST45). Data will be presented on the development and evaluation of expanded research use assays based on the Signature® technology platform* for the specific and sensitive detection of relevant mutations in 3 independent multiplexed panels: 1) KRAS codons 12/13 with BRAF codons 600/601; 2) HRAS codons 12/61 with NRAS codon 61; and 3) EGFR deletions/point mutations.
  • “Optimization of the Asuragen Human FMR-1 PCR Assay for the Beckman Vidiera Capillary Electrophoresis System” (H.A. Bentley, Dartmouth, Abstract No. TT24). This poster describes the evaluation of two sets of AmplideX™ FMR1 PCR Reagents for the accurate sizing of a broad range of CGG repeats in the fragile X mental retardation (FMR1) gene on the AB 3130 (RUO* PCR reagents) or the Beckman Vidiera (custom RUO* reagents) capillary electrophoresis instruments, and compares the results with Southern blot analyses.
  • “An evaluation of novel PCR reagents for the determination of allele-specific methylation status in FMR1 without the requirement for Southern blot analysis (Peter Bui, UCLA, Abstract No. G10). This poster describes the use of novel AmplideX™ FMR1 Methylation PCR Reagents (RUO*) for the two-color, allele-specific, semi-quantitative assessment of CGG repeat length and methylation status in the FMR1 gene, suggesting a Southern blot-free, PCR-only workflow for the clinical testing of fragile X syndrome and other FMR1 disorders.
  • “A Novel PCR Technology that Identifies AGG Interruptions in the Triplet Repeat Region of the Fragile X Gene” (Abstract No. TT12). This poster describes the development and evaluation of novel PCR reagents (RUO*) that enable the accurate mapping of AGG “interruptions” within the CGG repeat region of the FMR1 gene in both males and females, resulting in more informative genotypes that can accelerate clinical research of fragile X-related disorders.
  • “Candidate Serum miRNA Biomarkers for Lung Cancer Diagnosis” (Abstract No. ST15). This poster describes the discovery and preliminary research evaluation of an eight microRNA classifier* distinguishing early stage lung cancer from benign conditions in serum specimens with a preliminary sensitivity of 100% (p = 0.007) and specificity of 95% (p= <0.001).
  • “miRNAs as Candidate Diagnostic Biomarkers for Thyroid Cancer” (Abstract No. ST08). This poster describes the identification of a novel miRNA signature* that may be able to distinguish benign and malignant thyroid lesions, and thus might improve the cytological diagnosis of FNAs in thyroid nodules in the future.
  • “Molecular Characterization of DNA, mRNA and miRNA Biomarkers in Preoperative Fine Needle Aspirates Collected in RNARetain® Pre-Analytical Solution” (Abstract No. TT31). Data will be presented on the development and evaluation of a research use RNARetain® pre-analytical solution device* optimized for the collection, storage and transport of preoperative FNAs from different tissue types and the subsequent analysis of various biomarkers including DNA, mRNA and miRNA targets.

*For Research Use Only. Not For Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

About Asuragen

Asuragen is a fully integrated diagnostic development company and pharmaceutical services provider. The Company’s diagnostic product portfolio consists of the first-ever validated microRNA diagnostic assay for pancreatic cancer, quantitative RNA tests for leukemia gene translocations, innovative genetic testing solutions for the fragile X mental retardation (FMR1) gene, Signature® Oncology products for the qualitative detection of gene translocations and mutations in a variety of hematological and solid tumors, RNA stabilization technologies, and industry-leading controls and standards engineered using its patented Armored RNA® technology. Asuragen is empowered with a high level of scientific expertise and assay development capabilities, CLIA and GLP testing services, and an established cGMP manufacturing facility, which allow it to span the spectrum of discovery, testing, production and commercialization. For more information, visit

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