Ariana Pharma collaborates with Fovea Pharmaceuticals on Phase II clinical data analysis

Ariana Pharma collaborates with Fovea Pharmaceuticals on Phase II clinical data analysis

Systematic analysis using Ariana's KEM(R) decision support platform will help biotech to optimize design and boost success outlook

Paris, February 4, 2010 - Ariana(R) Pharma, a provider of decision support tools and services to accelerate drug discovery and development, announces today that it has won a significant fee for service collaboration deal with Fovea Pharmaceuticals. Under the terms of the collaboration, Ariana(R) deploys its KEM(R) (Knowledge Extraction and Management) decision support platform to carry out systematic analysis of Fovea's Prednisporin(TM) Phase II clinical data, in order to optimize clinical design and maximize the probability of successful further development of this drug. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The current collaboration is based on the use of KEM Clinicals, a new version of its successful decision support platform, KEM(R), dedicated to supporting the clinical development and safety process. In addition to comprehensive systematic analysis and the design benefits, KEM Clinicals also helps better define patients who will benefit from the product.

"The collaboration with Fovea Pharmaceuticals, a leading biotech specialized in ocular diseases, is very important to Ariana(R) Pharma as it demonstrates that KEM(R) is not only dedicated to large pharma companies but can bring significant help to smaller biotech companies to speed up and secure their clinical trial designs," said Mohammad Afshar, CEO of Ariana(R) Pharma.

About Arian(R) Pharma Ariana(R) Pharma delivers pioneering multi objectives decision support tools to dramatically accelerate and improve the discovery, development and safety of pharmaceutical products. Its KEM(R) knowledge extraction and management platform comprehensively mines data, including data other systems neglect, and helps scientists take simultaneous decisions involving multiple criteria and objectives. The company has established a rapidly growing software business through collaboration and licensing agreements with some of the largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Ariana(R) was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Paris, France.