Applied Precision to Expand TIRF Capabilities Through a New Patent License Agreement with Yale University

ISSAQUAH, Wash., Dec. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Applied Precision Inc., a GE Healthcare company, is proud to announce that they have licensed new patents from Yale University.  These exclusive technology licenses will allow Applied Precision to integrate enhanced TIRF microscopy into its existing product suite.  The technology is termed "Ring-TIRF microscopy" because it illuminates samples with TIRF as an adjustable ring of light.  This represents a significant improvement over conventional TIRF as it removes interference fringes and allows fast multi-angle illumination to correct for chromatic differences and 3D illumination of the cell cortex, as well as a modality for fast photoactivation or FRAP.

"This is the first major advancement in TIRF microscopy to come about in several years," said Paul Goodwin, Director of Advanced Applications at Applied Precision. 

The prototype instrument was developed at Yale by Dr. Derek Toomre (Associate Professor, Department of Cell Biology, Yale University School of Medicine) and co-inventors Dr. Vladimir Polejaev and Mr. Robert Roorda. The work was supported by a NIH New Innovator award.

"We know the problems and limitation of traditional objective-type TIRFM and our RING-TIRF microscopy overcomes them and allows for quantitative and 3D TIRF imaging," Toomre said. "We are thrilled that Applied Precision and GE Healthcare are commercializing this technology and will put it in the hands of other scientists to let them better see and manipulate cells."

Goodwin adds that, "Ring-TIRF is much more user friendly than conventional TIRF, which will increase the quality of the image and make it much easier for people to use.  The Yale University technology also makes it simple to combine TIRF and photo-kinetic experiments such as FRAP and photo-activation, opening the door to enhanced experiments and more quantitative results."

Applied Precision is currently integrating the Ring-TIRF technology into the DeltaVision OMX V4 super-resolution microscope systems and expects to launch the product in early 2012.

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