AnyAspect Launches Revolutionary Visual Data Analysis Software Insight A2 version 2.0

Major release of Insight A2 visual data analysis software gives business professionals the ability to make advanced analysis of their data using visual pivot tables

Budapest, Hungary (PRWEB) September 25, 2007 -- AnyAspect, provider of state-of-the-art visual business intelligence software, announces the general availability of business intelligence software Insight A2 2.0. The cutting-edge visual analysis tool introduces new features and advanced user-interface techniques which allow quicker and easier data exploration and analysis than ever before. Instant access to the relevant information hidden in the corporate databases coupled with interactive and insightful visualizations provide business professionals with a deeper understanding of their products, customers, operations and business processes. Moreover, it offers a great opportunity to improve efficiency in all these areas.

Visual data analysis, a quantum leap forward

More and more companies are looking for analytical software that go beyond standard reporting. Gaining relevant insight into corporate data used to be an option, but it has become indispensable by now.

"Standard reporting can only go as far as answering the 'What' question. We term these tools 1W products. However, companies want to answer all the other Wh questions: the Why, Where, Who, When and the Which as well. To gain insight into data, companies should focus on 6W products, products that can answer all six questions without any limitations. The new version of Insight A2 is a true 6W product with revolutionary visual data analysis capabilities. More importantly, it's an ad hoc tool, which makes it unique among 6W products. The growing number of our customers worldwide indicates that Insight A2 is really a quantum leap forward from reporting," - says Csaba Varkoly, managing director of AnyAspect.

The analytical features of Insight A2 allow unrestricted drill-down analysis of both standard textual reports and visual pivot tables. These unique visual pivot tables in Insight A2 not only visualize the hidden trends and outliers the user is looking for, but also allow the user to compare these findings across several ad hoc categories with a click of a button.

Insight A2 2.0 introduces over 50 new functions and enhancements.

Treemap Visualizations

Treemap is a new type of visualization in Insight A2. Treemaps are useful when you want to display hierarchical information and you want to encode more than one variable on your chart. As with all Insight A2 visualizations, you can transform one type of chart into another with a simple mouse click.

Trendlines and Predictions

Insight A2 supports linear and polynomial trendline calculations. Besides calculating and displaying trendlines, the new version supports displaying the 95% Prediction Interval and 95% Confidence Interval bands. With this function you can visualize where a certain variable will be in the future.

Select-and-Click Sorting

The new version introduces the Select-and-Click Sorting. This context-sensitive sorting function can be invoked on any pane of your worksheet. Based on the selected pane, Insight A2 automatically offers categorical and numerical sort options, which you can apply with a simple click.

Enhanced Formatting Options

The new formatting and coloring options in Insight A2 will simply amaze you. Now you have a greater flexibility to format your worksheet, as well as your charts. Insight A2 contains several predefined color schemes both for categorical and numerical colorings.

Microsoft Windows Vista and PostgreSQL Database Support

Insight A2 is now fully supported on Microsoft Windows Vista, along with Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Insight A2 2.0 also supports PostgreSQL databases, which finally makes visual data analysis possible for companies utilizing this database.


AnyAspect continues to provide a clear and flexible licensing scheme for Insight A2 2.0. Companies who would like to use Insight A2 can jumpstart with a purchase of the base software and one specific database connector. Upgrades to more database connectors are available later, when the need arises. This licensing scheme results in rational costs and greater flexibility, as users buy licenses for database types they actually utilize. Currently Insight A2 can connect to eight types of databases (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2 and Text files).

Prices start from EUR 499 (approximately USD 680) per user. Companies wishing to evaluate Insight A2 can download a 14-day free trial from

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