Anti obesity drug of AstraZeneca related to adverse effects

27 June 2012, USA ( AstraZeneca, one of the pioneer global pharmaceutical companies has initiated its phase I clinical trials with respect to its new anti-obesity medication. But, the report of adverse reactions on one of the participants of the study has lead to cease its advancement of clinical evaluation of the medicine. The medication, which has been code named as AZD2820 has been produced by AstraZeneca in collaboration with a NJ-based biotechnology company. The medicine acts as a partial agonist of the peptide called melanocortin-4 receptor. The regulatory authorities and safety reviewers have appealed to stop the phase I experimental trials of the obesity cure, since a man belonging to the test group has become severely ill on being injected with the medicine. The study was conducted on 72 obese males, out of which one suffered a severe allergic manifestation only from the first shot of the medicine. But, the researchers claim that the individual has been treated immediately and is currently on his way to full recovery. Carl Spana, president and CEO of the AstraZeneca’s collaborated Biotech Company has said that the individual is currently fine and the future plans pertaining to the medicine will be worked upon without delay and through consultation with their partner, AstraZeneca. He also claimed that they will initiate an investigation into the adverse effects produced by the medicine in a single individual and will come up with an answer in due course of time. In the mean while, AstraZeneca has also said that they will plan their work accordingly and more care will be taken with regard to patient safety and the adverse effects of the medicine. The rampant rise in the obesity and its allied health complications has led to a drastic rise in the development of medicined related to obesity treatment. But, the fact that FDA follows a strict and stern rule against approval of any medicine and meeting the safety standards set by them plays a key role in approval of any medication. 4th lane, Fontana, California, USA-92337 4th lane, Fontana, California, USA-92337