Anthiarose Ltd. Announces its plan to withdraw the voluntary takeover bid for Zentiva

Anthiarose Ltd. Announces its plan to withdraw the voluntary takeover bid for Zentiva

PPF Group does not intend to participate in a bidding war with Sanofi-Aventis

Anthiarose Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PPF Group N.V., announces its plan to withdraw the Voluntary Takeover Bid addressed to all owners of shares and global depositary shares of Zentiva N.V., in line with the wording of the Offer Document approved by Czech National Bank. The Offer Document was published on June 17, 2008.

The decision was influenced by certain doubts about the real value of the company and also by the recent steps taken by Zentiva's management.

In accordance with the law Anthiarose Ltd. has notified Czech National Bank about its intention to withdraw the Bid. The withdrawal of the Bid will be officially published according to the relevant law.

Note for the editors:
PPF Group is an international financial group, which operates in consumer finance and retail banking. Through its stake in Generali PPF Holding PPF Group participates in the insurance market and asset management services. PPF Group also actively seeks investment opportunities and undertakes strategic investments in developing markets of the Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. During its 17 years in business, PPF Group has become a leading international financial investor, managing assets of over EUR 10 billion as at December 31, 2007. PPF Group has its corporate ownership and decision making structure based in the Netherlands. The group's key holding company that defines strategic decisions regarding the entire group's activities is the Amsterdam-based PPF Group N.V.

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