Anaheim Clinical Trials (ACT) Hires New Japanese Recruitment Head to Speed Enrollment and Study-Startup as Requests for Japanese Bridging Studies Increase

Anaheim, California (May 21, 2013) -- Anaheim Clinical Trials (ACT), a clinical research center focused on special patient populations and Japanese bridging trials, today announced the company has hired Mimi Hayashi to head the company's Japanese recruitment efforts. With the closure of two large Phase I, Japanese research centers last year in Honolulu, Hawaii, ACT has experienced a higher demand for conducting Japanese Bridging studies from both Pharmaceutical sponsors and large Clinical Research Organizations.

"I am looking forward to working with the Japanese subjects and bringing my advertising and marketing expertise to ACT," said Mimi Hayashi, a former advertising account executive and USC alumna.

"With a Central IRB and fast translations, we can get up and running even more quickly with an experienced marketing professional and Japanese translator like Mimi," said Patrick McLaughlin, Executive Director.

ACT's geographic location in the Los Angeles market provides a distinct advantage with access to a very large number of healthy Japanese subjects. ACT has successfully conducted numerous Japanese Bridging studies and has over 1,000 confirmed Japanese subjects in the research database, including 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations.

About Anaheim Clinical Trials:

Anaheim Clinical Trials (ACT) is an adult and pediatric Phase I-IV clinical research center, located in southern California (Anaheim). In addition to healthy volunteers, ACT has been particularly successful in enrolling special patient populations, such as renal- and hepatic-impaired patients, and Japanese subjects for ethno-bridging trials. Our certified Principal Investigators have the expertise and interest in a wide variety of therapeutic areas, including GI, pain, metabolic/inflammation, infectious diseases, and respiratory. ACT has been recognized by our customers for excellent quality research, timeliness, high patient enrollment, and ease of doing business. For more information, please visit our website at

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