In an Ever-Changing Environment, How are Companies Addressing Issues Related to Patient Recruitment?

In an Ever-Changing Environment, How are Companies Addressing Issues Related to Patient Recruitment?
 A global industry survey seeks to find the answers
KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Much is written about how patient recruitment can either accelerate or undermine clinical trial success. But how is the industry approaching patient recruitment in general? Do companies plan proactively? Who is involved in the process and what decisions do they make in order to effectively plan for success?

MediciGlobal, a global leader in clinical trial recruitment and retention, has just launched the first in a series of global benchmarking surveys in a bid to find the answers to these and other key questions. The first industry survey, entitled Optimizing Recruitment is posted online at, has just been launched, and has already garnered responses from India, Europe and North America.

Biopharmaceutical executives are invited to take the survey, and in return have the opportunity to sign up to receive a comprehensive breakdown of the results later this year. Highlights of the survey will also be submitted for publication in an industry journal.

"New regulations are creating increasingly complex clinical trial protocols," explains Liz Moench, President and CEO of MediciGlobal. "As a result, patient recruitment requires more sophisticated skills sets, and a patient-centric focus combined with strategic planning, market research, market assessment and direct to consumer marketing are now essential to patient recruitment success."

Companies use different approaches to recruit patients, but MediciGlobal is looking to identify trends that will improve understanding and lead to greater efficiencies across the industry. Questions will therefore seek to establish what the balance is between companies that mine existing patient databases and those that use more 'dynamic' recruiting; and companies that use traditional printed materials compared with those that work more in digital online media. The survey will also help to clarify who is responsible for patient recruitment programs by job title, by region and country.

Furthermore, the survey will look to determine which strategies are being most effectively used, which have not proven effective, and what companies have done as a consequence.

"Optimizing patient recruitment for clinical trials requires continuous improvement and the adoption of innovative approaches that resonate with patients," adds Moench. Under the auspices of The Center for Patient Recruitment, an education arm of MediciGlobal, the Center will host workshops for pharmaceutical and biotech sponsors globally, to improve recruitment planning, performance and optimize overall study performance.

The survey will be available online for the next few months at

SOURCE MediciGlobal

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