Amarin stocks suffer on Miraxion trial failure

Amarin shares lost half their value after researchers announced that Miraxion had failed two final Phase III clinical trials for Huntington's disease. Patients who were given Miraxion in one arm of each trial failed to demonstrate a significant improvement in symptoms compared to a placebo. Amarin CEO Rick Stewart said that he was disappointed and surprised by the data, which is inconsistent with earlier positive results.

"Despite this setback with Miraxion to treat HD, we remain committed to developing Amarin's substantial central nervous system development pipeline," said Stewart. "We continue to evaluate the potential of Miraxion in treating CNS disorders and specifically our next steps with respect to the HD trials."

- see this release
- read the AFX report on the data for more information

ALSO: Cynthia T. McMurray, Ph.D., a professor of pharmacology at the Mayo Clinic, led a research team which has shed new light on the way Huntington's disease develops and how it might eventually be treated or cured. Report

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