AMAG investor out to derail Allos merger with buyout offer

A few days ago AMAG Pharmaceuticals raised eyebrows with its proposed merger with Allos Therapeutics. The two companies didn't have much in common, aside from disappointing sales of two very different drugs. Now one of AMAG's investors, MSMB Capital Management, is offering to buy out AMAG for $378 million rather than see the merger go through. "MSMB is a long-term investor in AMAG and believes that the management's current strategy does not protect the interests of AMAG's stockholders or ensure AMAG's long-term viability. I believe that our offer is superior and more beneficial to AMAG's stockholders than the proposed no-premium merger between AMAG and Allos Therapeutics," said Martin Shkreli, CIO of MSMB. Release