Alzheimer's group makes switch on research focus

The Wall Street Journal's Sharon Begley provides an interesting analysis of the recent switch by the Alzheimer's Association to support research that goes beyond development programs focused on beta-amyloid. Begley has reported before that the debate between researchers focused on beta-amyloid and scientists who weren't restricting their work to the role of the plaques in Alzheimer's often left the latter group out of the competition for grants and the attention of prestigious research publications. Now though, the association has changed gears, urging a look beyond amyloid to other causes. The switch may be the result of fears that the focus on plaques may not deliver any better therapies than the largely ineffective approaches in use now.

- here's the column on Alzheimer's research from The Wall Street Journal (sub. req.)

ALSO: Pfizer and Eisai plan to challenge a decision in the UK that prevents Alzheimer's patients from being prescribed a slate of available therapies. Report