ALSO NOTED: Phyton cuts staff; Alzheimer's: A new indication for Enbrel?; and much more...

> According to research released today, the anti-rheumatoid arthritis med Enbrel has shown an amazing ability to rehabilitate Alzheimer's patients. Report

> Phyton Biotech, based in Princeton, NJ, is laying off 47 workers. Phyton manufactures the cancer drug paclitaxel. There's no word yet on what triggered the cuts. Report

> Amarin says it will launch a mid-stage study of its age-associated memory impairment drug AMR101. Report

> The transplant drug sirolimus demonstrated efficacy against a rare lung condition and may be able to improve lung function as well, according to a new study. Release

> A new type of meningococcal vaccine proved effective in combating four strains of the disease in all age groups, leading Novartis researchers to believe that they may be onto the first such vaccine that can be made available to babies. Report

> A new study appears to fully sever the alleged link between the mercury-containing thimerosal and autism. Report

> As part of its infamous prosecution of Pfizer, a Nigerian court has issued warrants for eight Pfizer officials. Report

And Finally... A universal flu vaccine may be on the horizon. Report