ALSO NOTED: Nuvelo drug gets fast tracked; QLT brings on Goldman Sachs; and much more...

> Sanofi-Aventis has set up a small executive committee to set strategy, allocate resources and oversee company management, according to anonymous sources who talked to APM Europe. The idea is to consolidate decision-making to make management more nimble. Report

> The FDA has handed generic drugmaker Mylan for Lamotrigine Tablets, a generic version of GSK's Lamictal Tablets for seizures. Report

> Nuvelo has started a Phase II trial of alfimeprase for acute ischemic stroke. The company has also won fast track designation by the FDA for this indication. Release

> As promised, QLT has hired Goldman Sachs to explore strategic alternatives. Report

> Roche has filed an IND for an antibody targeting asthma. Report

> The empire strikes back. AstraZeneca went on attack today, suing seven generics makers who've filed for FDA permission to sell copycat versions of Crestor. Report

> Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, the Japanese scientist who led one of the two teams that recently announced they had turned human skin cells into the equivalent of embryonic stem cells, was driven by a passion to stop the destruction of embryos in medical research. Report

And Finally... Harvard Medical School professor George Church, one of the key players in the Human Genome Project and a noted expert in genetics, has set his sights on winning the $10 million prize being offered to the first team that can sequence the genomes of 100 people in 10 days at a cost of $10,000 per genome. Report