ALSO NOTED: New vaccine/chemo combo effective in cancer study; Type 1 diabetes vaccine goes into human studies; and much more..

> Chutes & Ladders: Susan Windham-Bannister will take over as CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Board. The board's function is to ensure the state retains its prominence in the life science industry. Report

> New trial data shows that the combination of a chemotherapy drug and a new vaccine significantly prolonged the survival of patients with glioblastoma, the aggressive brain cancer that now afflicts Senator Ted Kennedy. Vaccine report

> Denmark's Bavarian Nordic has launched a Phase I/II trial of an experimental HIV vaccine. Safety data from the study is expected by the end of this year with immunogenicity data following in the first half of next year. Report

> Researchers have begun human studies of a new vaccine that is designed to block or reverse type 1 diabetes. A team at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh is loading microspheres with nucleic acid. Report

> Analysts are chatting up Gilead Science's HIV drug Viread as a treatment for hepatitis B. Report

> FDA is considering new, more detailed drug labeling aimed at pregnant and nursing women. FDA report

And Finally... Remember last month when Merck CEO Dick Clark remarked on Big Pharma's "trust deficit?" Well, here's quantitative evidence of it. A European Commission study found that healthcare professionals and payers are "mostly suspicious" of drugmakers as sources of information about drugs. Report