ALSO NOTED: New Roche CEO maps strategy; StemCells backs off buyout; and much more...

> Roche's incoming CEO, Severin Schwan, sees a continued emphasis on personalized medicine and says he also isn't anticipating any big mergers. Report

> After several months of negotiations, StemCells has backed off its bid to acquire Progenitor Cell Therapy, a cell processing service provider. Talks foundered after the two companies proved "unable to reach agreement on mutually acceptable terms and conditions," says StemCells. StemCells made a $3.8 million loan to Progenitor during a period of exclusivity to complete due diligence for the deal. That money is being repaid and Progenitor will continue to supply its services to StemCells. Release

> Indevus Pharmaceuticals CEO Glenn Cooper is planning to retire by September 1. Cooper spent 15 years at Indevus, which has begun the search process to find his successor. Release

> The Animal Health Division of Bayer HealthCare AG and Juvaris BioTherapeutics have executed a broad-based licensing agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, Bayer HealthCare will have complete access in the veterinary field to the Juvaris mono-immunotherapy and vaccine technology, which is being developed by Juvaris for human health care. Release

> A joint-venture company, StemCyte India Therapeutics, will provide stem cell therapies derived from umbilical cord blood to treat patients with certain malignant blood disorders. Release

> Bayer had the Yasmin rug pulled out from under it yesterday. A U.S. court voided the contraceptive's key patent, leading the German conglomerate to revise its 2008 profit expectations downward. Report

> The Supreme Court came and saw and voted but left no clarity on pre-emption behind. Because Chief Justice John Roberts sat out the case, the vote ended in a 4-4 tie. Report

> Here's why drug companies spend billions on DTC ads every year: They work. Report

And Finally... A Canada-U.S. research team has solved a major genetic mystery: How a protein in some people's DNA guards them against killer immune diseases such as HIV. Release