ALSO NOTED: Neuren buys Hamilton Pharma; Merck pulls out of MethyGene collaboration; Par licenses Zensana rights; and much more

> New Zealand's Neuren is acquiring Washington D.C.-based Hamilton Pharmaceuticals for $4.4 million in a deal that delivers the license for a drug called Motiva, a late-stage preclinical compound which is being developed for psychological and cognitive disorders. Release

> MethylGene is looking for a new partner for its beta-lactamase inhibitor program to overcome beta-lactamase mediated antibiotic resistance now that Merck has pulled out of a collaboration. Release

> Par Pharmaceutical says it will make a $5 million equity investment in Hana BioSciences in a deal to acquire the North American commercial rights to Zensana Oral Spray. Par also announced it has entered into an agreement with NovaDel Pharma to collaborate in the reformulation of Zensana. Release

> A new late-stage study of Pharmion's blood and bone marrow disorder drug Vidaza delivered positive data. Vidaza was approved in the U.S. three years ago and is now up for European approval. Release

> Advanced Cell Technology, a stem cell research company, has agreed to buy Mytogen for $5 million. Mytogen has successfully completed Phase I human clinical trials utilizing myoblast therapy safely in over forty patients. Release

> Genzyme says that a second Phase III trial of Mozobil for multiple myeloma hit primary and secondary endpoints. "The combined strength of these two trials--in which patients with two types of cancer achieved more rapid and effective mobilization of stem cells in preparation for transplant than patients treated with current therapies--will support Mozobil's regulatory approval, commercialization, and likely adoption as a standard of care in transplantation," Genzyme said in a release. Release

And Finally... Researchers conclude that the older you are, the less likely it is you'll laugh at the punch line. Report