ALSO NOTED: Lilly completes massive expansion project; Revance garners new venture funds; Gamers target protein chemistry; and

> After laboring for 10 long years, Eli Lilly says it's wrapped a massive, $1 billion expansion program for its new research hub. Release | Report

> Revance Therapeutics says it has rounded up $8 million in its Series C. Report

> In its quarterly report SGX Pharmaceuticals says that it discontinued an early-stage program for SGX523 after seeing unexpected toxicity in the data. Release

> Hopes that painkillers might help stave off Alzheimer's disease were dampened by a large new study. Report

> Sidney Wolfe, M.D., of the consumer group Public Citizen, will be "temporary voting member" of the FDA's advisory committee. Report

> That little legal argument known as preemption is back in the news. Report

> Vaptans are a new class of drug that target a wide variety of conditions by inhibiting vasopressin, which regulates the circulatory system. Report

> Stem cell researchers at Cornell have genetically engineered a human embryo, a pioneering development that was immediately condemned as a big step toward designing babies. Report

And Finally… Imagine employing a legion of gaming fanatics to channel their obsession into finding solutions to some of the thorniest problems in protein chemistry. That's what biochemist David Baker and a small group of colleagues did in creating Foldit, which challenges gamers to see if they can improve the 3-D structures of proteins. Report

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