ALSO NOTED: Harvard Bioscience buys Panlab; Yet another use for resveratrol; and much more...

> Harvard Bioscience completed the purchase of Panlab of Barcelona Spain for approximately $5. Panlab distributes, manufactures and develops products and software for life science researchers primarily in the neuroscience research market. Release

> Scientists have unveiled yet another study on the potential of resveratrol. The chemical, which is found in red wine as well as a variety of plants, has been linked with improved sensitivity to insulin in mouse models. Report

> It's not often that you see a set of preclinical data influence a company's stock price, but Hollis-Eden was feeling a strong wind in its sails when it released its data on HE3235 for prostate cancer. Report

> Is this the shape of things to come? Two years after the state of Minnesota prohibited doctors from accepting more than $50 worth of food or gifts per year, pharma sales reps are having a tough time reaching them. Report

> A Nevada jury didn't buy Wyeth's defense of its menopause drugs Premarin and Prempro. It awarded $134.5 million in compensation to three women who claimed the drugs caused their breast cancer. Report

> Schering-Plough has to give a little to get a lot. The company has agreed to sell off more than 20 of its animal vaccines and medicines to win regulatory approval to buy Organon Biosciences. Report

And Finally... Whatever else could be said about the controversial J. Craig Venter, you could never claim that the scientist thinks small. Report