ALSO NOTED: GSK releases new Cervarix data; FDA mulls DTC ads; and much more...

> GlaxoSmithKline has released new Cervarix data that demonstrates the vaccine's ability to generate a high and sustained level of antibodies to neutralize the two most prevalent strains of cervical cancer for up to 6.4 years. Cervarix report

> The French pharma industry worries that up to 32,000 jobs are fodder for the axe, citing pricing pressures, generics, and globalization among the threats to drugmakers. Report

> Brace yourselves: An FDA advisory committee meets today to hash over the possibility of putting a side-effects hotline number in every DTC television commercial. Release

And Finally... The five key vaccine makers say they plan to produce a record 143 million doses of flu vaccine for the U.S. market next season, which should be enough to satisfy demand. Vaccine report