ALSO NOTED: GSK losing its grip on HIV market; Ranexa gets angina review; Start-up CRO takes flight;and much more...

> Watch out, GlaxoSmithKline. The market for HIV drugs may be expanding, but it's shifting like the San Andreas Fault at the same time, and more than a handful of companies are poised to challenge GSK for dominance. Report

> CV Therapeutics says that federal regulators will review Ranexa as an initial therapy for angina. Release

> A fledgling CRO, Veracity BioTechnology, has flown the incubator to begin research life on its own. President Victor Buckwold, Veracity's sole full-timer at this point, is specializing in testing hepatitis C therapies. Report

> Emergent BioSolutions says that HHS will continue to buy its anthrax vaccine under a fixed $400 million contract. Release

> Schering-Plough has completed the acquisition of Organon. Report

> SGX Pharmaceuticals will get $25 million through a private placement. Release

> Despite a black box warning, atypical antipsychotics do big business in nursing homes. Report

> VaxInnate is in a tight race to develop the first "universal" flu vaccine that would be able to tackle a variety of influenzas and do away with the annual winter jab. Report

> A new compound has proved effective in animal studies in restoring electrical activity in the muscles of muscular dystrophy patients. Report

> A small gene therapy study involving a handful of Parkinson's patients has produced impressive data indicating that they may be on to a potential breakthrough. Report

And Finally... PS3 gamers and a team of internationally renowned scientists have joined forces on global molecular project. Report