ALSO NOTED: GPC Biotech's CFO resigns; Abbott Labs cuts 1,200 jobs; and much more...

> GPC Biotech's CFO Mirko Scherer has resigned; he will be replaced by Torsten Hombeck, Ph.D. Release

> A new entrant into the layoff club is Abbott Laboratories, which says it's cutting 1,200 jobs in Ireland and California. Report

> Immtech Pharmaceuticals will allow BioAlliance Pharma to commercialize Immtech's oral drug, pafuramidine maleate, in Europe for the treatment of pneumocystis pneumonia in AIDS patients and for the treatment of Human African trypanosomiasis, also known as African sleeping sickness. Release

> Lexicon Pharmaceuticals has begun dosing in a Phase IIa trial of LX6171, an oral drug candidate for the treatment of cognitive impairment associated with disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, and vascular dementia. Report

> Adventrx Pharmaceuticals has completed patient enrollment in its Phase II trial of ANX-510, or CoFactor, for the treatment of advanced breast cancer. Report

> Preempt away. That's what the Bush Administration told the Supreme Court yesterday, supporting Medtronic's contention that its FDA-approved products shouldn't be subject to liability claims in state court. Report

> Scientists at Johns Hopkins were able to repair damaged skulls by transplanting human embryonic stem cells directly to the site of massive injuries. Report

> A team of scientists in the UK have designed a genetic tool that can disable genes equipped with antibiotic resistance, an approach that could scuttle superbugs like MRSA. Report

> Stimulating an "exercise" gene has a profound therapeutic effect on mice, raising the likelihood that a new drug that can trigger the same effect in humans, could work as a blockbuster antidepressant. Report

> The FDA warned doctors that desmopressin, a drug used to control bed-wetting, can cause some children to have potentially fatal seizures. Report

> Are drug makers responsible for a hospital's medical error? That's what actor Dennis Quaid and his wife are alleging in a lawsuit over the blood thinner given to their newborn twins last month. Report

And Finally... Honey may be an effective and safe alternative than over the counter children's cough medicines, according to a Penn State College of Medicine study. Release