ALSO NOTED: Genitope's MyVax misses Phase III endpoint; Report: Pfizer looks at Danish biotechs; and much more...

> Genitope's MyVax, a treatment for follicular B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, has flunked a Phase III trial. There was no difference in progression-free survival between patients taking the drug and the control substance. On the bright side, however, the company noted that the MyVax arm of the trial "showed a highly statistically significant difference in PFS between patients who mounted a positive immune response to the tumor-specific target and those who did not." Genitope's shares took a beating on the news, dropping 50 percent. The company said that it would work with the FDA to determine the best path for MyVax. Release

> Report: According to the site Copenhagen Capacity, Pfizer is taking a close look at several Denmark-based drug developers. A number of Danish biotechs are working on therapies for obesity, diabetes and cancer, all of which may be of interest to Pfizer. Report

> Bavarian Nordic has gained a $25 million milestone payment as part of its deal with the Department of Health and Human Services to provide 20 million doses the smallpox vaccine Imvamune. Release

> The FDA has extended its review of Genta's advanced melanoma treatment Genasense by 60 days. Release

> Daiichi Sankyo will be marching three of its subsidiaries--Sankyo Chemica., Sankyo Organic Chemicals, and Daiichi Sankyo Chemical Pharma--in order to "management resources on the pharmaceutical businesses." Release

> Valeant Pharmaceuticals is selling the U.S. and Canadian rights to Infergen, a hepatitis C treatment. Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals will acquire the drug for $91 million. Valeant says it's selling Infergen in order to simplify its operations. Release

> Redwood City, CA-based A.P. Pharma is on the hunt for a new CEO. Report

And Finally... A group of scientists have derived four embryonic stem cell lines that could lead to the creation of cells that will not cause immune rejection. Report

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