ALSO NOTED: FDA nixes Avastin for breast cancer; P&G reveals Phase II UC data;and much more...

> Avastin got the big thumbs-down from an FDA advisory panel yesterday. The Genentech drug, approved for use against colon and lung cancer, was up for consideration as a breast-cancer therapy, but expert panelists weren't impressed with the data. Report

> Procter & Gamble is touting two Phase III studies of Asacol, an ulcerative colitis treatment. Asacol was effective and well-tolerated treatment for patients with inflammation of the lining of the colon and rectum, including isolated proctitis. Patients with isolated proctitis who took Asacol, experienced significant improvement of UC symptoms as early as three weeks, and sustained improvement at six weeks. Release

> What's the biggest risk of relying on Chinese drug manufacturers? Ask any five people on the street, and you'd likely get "contamination" as your answer five times. But experts are increasingly worried that China's explosive growth in drug and active-ingredient manufacturing presents a national-security risk. Report

> Eli Lilly is prediction a big year in 2008, with 14 percent growth in net profits and seven billion-dollar-plus products. Report

And Finally... It's not fat but fitness that predicts longevity in adults over the age of 60. Report