ALSO NOTED: Dyax to close R&D facility;Nastech sells shares; and much more...

> Dyax says it plans to close its research facility in Belgium as it focuses on commercializing DX-88 to treat hereditary angioedema. Dyax report

> Nastech Pharmaceutical plans to sell $8 million in shares to advance its RNAi programs. Report

> North Park Aesthetics says it's reached an agreement with Biophysica, Inc. and Interpharma Praha for the exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize products containing fluridil, the primary ingredient in NP-619, North Park's Phase II product for pattern baldness. Release

> FDA officials say that drugmakers needed to bear the responsibility for drug safety. FDA report

> Will all medical schools bar the door to pharma giveaways? The Association of American Medical Colleges hopes so. Pharma gift report

> In another blow to the Merck/Schering-Plough joint venture, the FDA rejected a proposed allergy and asthma treatment that would have combined Schering's Claritin and Merck's Singulair into one pill. Report

> The Brazilian government recently deemed the anti-HIV med Tenofovir a "public interest." That's code for, "We're thinking about issuing a compulsory license for this drug." Brazil report

> One of the things media love to do is get two people to go head-to-head on an issue. Today's topic: Allowing drugmakers to distribute peer-reviewed journal articles in support of off-label uses for their products. On the pro side is Scott Gottlieb (photo), an ex-FDA deputy commissioner who's now at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. Former New England Journal of Medicine editor Jerome Kassirer is on the con side. Report

And Finally... Indonesia has begun to drill health workers on responding to a human outbreak of bird flu. Article