ALSO NOTED: Dor withdraws app; Researchers advance adenovirus therapy; and much more...

> Dor BioPharma has voluntarily withdrawn its European Marketing Authorization Application for orBec, a treatment of gastrointestinal Graft-versus-Host disease. Report

> Somnus Therapeutics announced the formation of an executive development team. Release

> Scientists at Saint Louis University School of Medicine say that an experimental therapy being tested by Durham, NC-based Chimerix may become the first candidate for human trials for adenovirus. Report

> In a first, researchers have developed a primate model for Huntington's disease, eliciting harsh criticism from animal rights experts even as it paves the way for future primate models for a host of degenerative brain disorders. Report

> The Federal Trade Commission is none too happy with Big Pharma's dealmaking with generics companies. FTC report

> More evidence that pharma is swinging blue--and that Republicans could have a tough time this election year. Drug and medical device companies, who once contributed to the GOP three-to-one over Democrats, have given $7.4 million to Democratic candidates this cycle. That compares with just $7 million for Republican candidates. Report

> It's been a tough week for outgoing GlaxoSmithKline CEO Jean-Pierre Garnier. Browbeaten during a BBC interview on Tuesday, he was "heckled" by annoyed shareholders at yesterday's annual meeting. GSK report

> Chantix suffered a one-two punch yesterday, as a watchdog group's report linked the stop-smoking med to a wide variety of health and safety problems, and the Federal Aviation Administration told pilots and air traffic controllers not to use it. Chantix report

And Finally... One of Senator Kennedy's best chances in defeating the malignant brain tumor that afflicts him could be an experimental vaccine, and reports are already circulating that he may be included in a trial. Vaccine report