ALSO NOTED: Cipla, Akorn in development deal; No charges in Sepracor probe; Vectura raises funds; and much more...

> The FDA has warned GSK that its marketing for the breast cancer drug Tykerb is out of hand. Report

> GlaxoSmithKline bought over-the-counter marketing rights to Merck's statin drug Mevacor for an undisclosed price. Report

> India's Cipla and Akorn has signed a pact to develop an inhalation drug product. Report

> The feds have wrapped up their stock-option probe at Sepracor without taking any action. The SEC began looking into the way that Sepracor granted stock options in the summer of 2006. Report

> Vectura Group has received a €10 million milestone payment from Boehringer Ingelheim along with a five million euro equity investment. Report

> A new economic development initiative in Indiana hopes to offer more work for the companies providing services to the state's life sciences industry. Report

> Trimeris announced that it is the target of a patent infringement suit Novartis has brought relating to Fuzeon. Report

> Sosei has announced good progress in its collaboration to advance the early-stage SD118. Release

> Researchers have created a new breed of mice that are resistant to the most aggressive forms of cancer. Report

> A team of researchers blitzed the C. elegans roundworm with tens of thousands of chemicals and found 115 that prolonged their short lives. But one, the antidepressant mianserin, is now commanding all of their attention. Report

> Scientists have transplanted stem cells that create new blood into the bone marrow of mice, advancing a new process that could eventually cure autoimmune and genetic blood disorders. Report

And Finally… Officials in Brazil have finalized a $23 billion plan to support science and innovation, with biotechnology playing a leading role. Report