ALSO NOTED: CEO: Novartis plans big restructuring; Time notes advances in stem cells, genetics; MabThera trials produce positiv

> In October, Novartis announced some job cuts and management changes. Now, CEO Daniel Vasella says he's working on a sweeping overhaul of his company's org chart. Report

> Time magazine has come out with its list of the top 10 scientific breakthroughs of the year, listing stem cell research and the genetic sequencing activities of J. Craig Venter at the top. Report

> Roche says two mid-stage trials for MabThera demonstrated positive results in leukemia. Release

> Bristol-Myers Squibb and Gilead plan to collaborate on the commercialization of the HIV drug Atripla in Europe, once it is approved. Report

> Carigent Therapeutics of New Haven has rounded up $2 million in its first round to help develop nanotechnology for drug delivery. Report

> Two investors have put up $3 million for CDI Bioscience. Report

> Biovest International has borrowed $8.5 million to fund research into an experimental cancer therapy. Report

> Millipore and Novozymes today announced an agreement to develop, market, and sell new, animal-free cell culture supplements for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Release

> Pfizer cleared a big milestone in India today: The company became the first to get patent protection for an AIDS drug there. Report

> When it comes to government spending on medical research, the EU is far behind the U.S. And some of the leaders in the field say it's time to catch up--fast. Report

And Finally… Concerns about safety are growing as the biohazard research field booms. Report