ALSO NOTED: BioSeek to collaborate with Merck KGaA; BioAlliance acquires drug rights; and much more...

> BioSeek has forged a collaboration deal with Merck KGaA to evaluate the potential of small molecules and proteins. Release

> BioAlliance Pharma has acquired the European rights to ondansetron Oral Spray, which is being developed by NovaDel Pharma. NovaDel gets a $3 million licensing fee and up to $24 million in milestones. Release

> Dr. Dale Bredesen is leaving the Buck Institute for Age Research and launching Prevarex, which will help people understand more about medical research and advances in diagnostics. Report

> A U.S. court hearing over Seroquel's patents has been bumped forward to today from June 4, boosting speculation that the drugmaker might just come out on top in the high-stakes case. AstraZeneca report

> Rep. Bart Stupak might be a severe FDA critic, but he's also shaping up to be the agency's dearest friend. Chief of the House Energy and Commerce committee's oversight-and-investigations group, Stupak helped push FDA commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach to ask for millions more in FDA funding. FDA report

> The British press is abuzz today with the fact that outgoing GlaxoSmithKline CEO Jean-Pierre Garnier abruptly ended a BBC interview when it turned adversarial. Report

And Finally… The Massachusetts Biotechnology Council and the American Cancer Society are raising $1.4 million to fund three years of research by 10 Massachusetts cancer scientists. Story

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