ALSO NOTED: Biogen snares first start-up for incubator; Alkermes gains from Reliance sale; Galapagos inks deal with Lilly; and

> Biogen Idec has announced the first "occupant" in its Biogen Idec Innovation Incubator (bi3): Escoublac, a startup founded on the discovery of a new link between bone biology and metabolism. The company's goal is to translate this newfound biological link into new treatments for metabolic disorders like Type II diabetes and obesity. Report

> Alkermes announced that it had pocketed $166 million from the sale of its stake in Reliant Pharmaceuticals. Release

> Galapagos is pocketing a €3 million up front from Eli Lilly after signing a collaboration deal to develop new therapies for osteoporosis. Release

> Immusol has changed its name to ItherX Pharmaceuticals and named Jeffrey McKelvy as its new CEO. Report

> Several teams of scientists have been working away at creating new life forms from artificial DNA. Report

> Bioserve is hopping on the pharmacogenomics bandwagon. Report

> Scientists at London's Imperial College have developed a patch made from embryonic stem cells to repair damaged hearts. Report

> The complex genetic machinery that manages our internal body clock is controlled by a single amino acid, which could prove to be one of the biggest new drug targets of the year. Report

> AstraZeneca is plowing ahead with a new distribution deal in the UK, despite opposition from regulators there. Report

> The flip side of Big Pharma's angst over generic competition is growing exuberance about generics makers. Report

> Pfizer's Sutent is "showing the most promise" as a first-line therapy for kidney cancer, according to a new report from Datamonitor. But ironically, the most-prescribed second-line treatment--Nexavar--may not be the most effective choice in patients who started out on Sutent. Report

And Finally... By genetically engineering mice, scientists in Japan were able to switch off their fear of cats. Report