ALSO NOTED: Ardana looks to sale or merger; Oxigene inks $40M capital deal; and much more...

> Edinburgh-based Ardana's CEO, says the biotech is looking for a sale or merger. Report

> Oxigene has inked a deal with Kingsbridge Capital for $40 million in capital over three years. Release

> Oxford Biomedica has completed a late-stage trial of its cancer therapy TroVax, triggering a €10 million milestone payment. Release

> Scientists in the U.K. have identified a molecule that they say plays a critical role in the development of allergies. Report

> A growing demand for new biotech and lab space is forcing up rents in the Washington DC area as vacancies decline. Report

> There's a new target for drug developers focused on multiple sclerosis--and a pair of approved drugs that may already work against the disease. Report

> Some biotechs are eager for the FDA approval of biogeneric drugs. Report

> A new survey has concluded that specialists feel Medicare's new anemia drug payment limits are hurting cancer patients. Report

> Various agencies are taking aim at pro quo deals between brand-name drug makers and generics firms. Report

> Amgen harshly rejected a royalty offer from Roche, which wants to sell an anemia drug that would compete against Amgen's signature blockbusters. Report

And Finally... A 20-year effort to find a microbicide that protects women from HIV ended in another bitter setback for researchers who reported that a late-stage trial of a new gel has failed. Report