ALSO NOTED: Alcohol cuts RA risks; FDA OKs Orchid generic; Novartis touts data; and much more...

> More RA news: Researchers from the Karolinska Institute say that several units of alcoholic beverages every week significantly reduces the threat of rheumatoid arthritis. Report

> MedImmune is using $55 million in federal money to retrofit a manufacturing plant to produce FluMist to fight a potential pandemic. Report

> The FDA has given Orchid Chemicals tentative approval for a generic version of Novartis' anti-fungal drug, Lamisil. Report

> Novartis announced that patients with osteoarthritis and controlled hypertension showed a slight decrease in average daily blood pressure when treated with investigational selective COX-2 inhibitor lumiracoxib compared to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen. Release

> BioTime says it is looking for new marketing products for its blood product PentaLyte, saying that Hospira turned down the opportunity. Report

And Finally… Almost 40 percent of patients with pancreatic cancer were not offered surgery for the disease, even though it could be their only hope of survival. Report