ALS sees strong data in Phase III antibiotic trial

Advanced Life Sciences is touting data from a recent trial of its antibiotic cethromycin. The therapy produced positive data that it can fight pneumonuia effectively and safely and demonstrated an ability to combat the MRSA superbug as well. ALS officials told the Chicago Tribune that the data was good enough to pursue FDA approval. In the trial, cethromycin essentially matched the efficacy of a standard of care in fighting community-acquired pneumonia. Flavin added that the company planned an NDA next year with marketing to commence in 2009.

"We are very excited to have met all of our endpoints in Trial CL-05, and we are pleased to have successfully completed the clinical development program of cethromycin. The results attained in this trial, along with the positive results achieved in Trial CL-06 reported in June of this year, will form the core of our New Drug Application submission and positions us well with prospective commercial partners," said Dr. Michael Flavin, chairman and CEO of Advanced Life Sciences.

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