Almirall gets EC OK for silodosin; UK biotech sector in danger;

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> Almirall says the European Commission has granted a marketing authorization for silodosin. The product will be marketed in Spain by Almirall and Recordati under the trademarks Silodyx and Urorec, respectively, 4 and 8 mg in hard capsules for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Release

> The UK's biotech sector is in danger of being decimated if the cuts at big pharma firms like AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline lead to more R&D being farmed out to the Far East, according to the head of a contract research firm. Item

> A small study of ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals Ltd's (CXS.AX) experimental drug for leukemia patients with a certain genetic mutation showed a low response rate, U.S. health regulatory staff said in documents released on Monday. Story

> The mood in New Jersey's biotechnology industry is distinctly upbeat compared to a year ago, with several companies securing venture capital funding with better valuations, winning lucrative contracts and striking partnerships. Article

> Sanofi-Aventis is expected to decide in coming weeks whether to rekindle an animal-health joint venture with Merck & Co. that would be even bigger than the partnership the pair unwound last year. Report

Pharma News

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> In a bid to make it easier for emerging-markets customers to buy its drugs, Pfizer has launched an discount-card system that offers price cuts of up to 50 percent. Article

> Vermont, which has already reined in drugmakers' marketing, could become the first state to require pharma to report how much they're spending on free drug samples. Report

> Look out, pharma: More consolidation is on its way. At least that's what market experts are saying. With healthcare costs rising continually--and healthcare reform idling miserably--drugmakers will have no choice. Story

> FDA sent out a new Tysabri warning Friday, one emphasizing that the risk of a rare brain infection increases as treatment continues. Biogen Idec, which markets the multiple sclerosis drug, said the FDA's warning--and revision of Tysabri's labeling--was not new. Report

> Big Pharma has been blazing a trail into emerging markets lickety-split, and Russia looks to be on several drugmakers' priority lists for the next few years. But a development today illustrates the particular perils of doing business in that country--and indeed many developing countries. Item

Biotech IT News

> "It's like managing a large clinical trial," says University of Washington computer science professor Gaetano Borriello, of an HIV monitoring project in Kenya. Report

> An imaging capability integrated with its clinical software suite has earned trial technology provider PharmaVigilant a contract with TissueGene. Article

> Researchers need to seek informed consent about sharing data from patients before studies begin--that's the advice of Iain Hrynaszkiewicz and co-authors in BMJ, the British Medical Journal. Hrynaszkiewicz is managing editor at BioMed Central, a publisher of peer-reviewed, open access journals. Story

> Systematic protocol development is the goal of a collaboration between the Mayo Clinic and Centerphase, a clinical service provider. Item

> As the drugmaker rumblings grow louder for business intelligence that reaches the level of individual clinical trials, automation products to the meet the need are beginning to appear. Report

And Finally... If you downed one too many while watching the Super Bowl, here's at least one reason to hold your head high: Drinking beer can be good for your health. Story